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U3T MRI Centre cancer and aneurysm screening


What the exam includes:


This exam will scan the patient's brain, neck, abdomen, and pelvis and will detect potentially cancerous masses and aneurysms in these areas if they exist. 


What the exam does NOT include:


This exam is not an all-inclusive study because some organs of the body (e.g. lungs, digestive system) are in constant motion and are not well seen on MRI.  Body parts scanned for this exam are solid organs and blood vessels which are extremely well seen on MRI, making it the preferred diagnostic imaging tool for medical professionals.  This examination will NOT rule out lung, breast, prostate or colon cancer.  This examination is NOT a substitute for routine screening mammography or colonoscopy.  You should discuss all relevant diagnostic imaging questions you may have with your family physician or specialist.


When will I learn the results of my exam?


The results of your exam will be sent to your referring physician within 48 hours of your appointment.  Regardless of what is discovered on your exam, you will be directed back to your referring physician to discuss our findings.  If required, your physician may order further testing to determine if any pathology found on your screen requires follow up imaging or treatment.  Together with your physician, you will decide on what treatment plan is right for you if necessary.


What is the cost of the screening exam?


The cost of a cancer & aneurysm screening MRI exam is $1,575 and is a 60-minute appointment.  You will receive further examination instructions at the time of booking.


Images from our 3T Magnetom Skyra (click the image to see full size):



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