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MRI Contrast Information – Gadolinium

During your MRI exam, it may be determined that you require an injection of “dye” or contrast.  The contrast will be given by an injection into a vein in your hand, arm or leg.  The contrast makes certain diseases and important body structures more visible on MRI images.


Most people have no adverse effects from the contrast.  Sometimes mild reactions do occur but pass without treatment or respond quickly to medication.  The risks or reactions associated with the contrast injection may include, but are not limited to, a “sweet” taste in your mouth, headache and nausea.  Very rarely, you may experience dizziness, vomiting or an allergic reaction (hives, watery eyes).


The Technologists and Physicians caring for you are aware of these risks and have determined that the benefit of the diagnostic information obtained through use of contrast outweighs the low risk of reaction.

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